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surveys and counting

How it works

  • We Create Your Surveys

    We provide you with a beautiful branded survey according to your precise needs. Easily edit questions, answers, colors and more from your account or ask us to do it for you.

  • Collect Results

    Customers can submit feedback via the U Say app on a tablet that you provide, or via their own mobile device by entering a short web address or by scanning a QR code.

  • Analyze Data

    View data-rich reports in a simple and easy to understand format allowing you to gain insight and come to clear conclusions. Export your data to common file formats at anytime.

Key benefits

  • Alerts

    Collect feedback in real time and be instantly alerted via email or text of unsatisfied customers. Solve the problem on the spot, before the customer leaves your business and before a poor review appears online. Remain aware of activity at your business even when you are away.

  • Rewards

    With our streamlined eVoucher system, provide an incentive to your customers to provide their feedback and contact information, while also generating repeat business. Fine-tune your marketing results by tracking which vouchers are most effective. (Coming Soon)

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